Sunday, 29 April 2012

Facebook Media Drives Business



Using Facebook, it's a great marketing tool...

Being a work at home mum and running my own business I have a very small budget for advertising.

Facebook for me is a free utility, the only thing it costs me is my time! 

Do you have a Facebook Business page? If not I would fully recommend one, we are seeing more and more Corporate businesses publishing the  Facebook logo 'Like us on Facebook' on their marketing material, why? because they know it works.   Any size business can set up a business page, it is free!

I set up my Facebook business page Fun and Funky Sand Art a year ago last April after realising the potential  to use it as a free advertising platform for my business.

Personally I think Facebook is such a great network tool because it really enables you to network with other local businesses along with potential customers, it is another shop window to my business, showing a more personal aspect, it allows customers to interact with you, post comments and add their photographs sharing their experiences with you and others, that is something that my website window cannot do!  You can really engage with your page likers via their news feeds by simply publishing a wall post or product photograph, even if they do not comment, you know they are out there and reading your posts, that I know from personal experience, I read many posts from other pages but I don't always acknowledge them all by clicking the wall post 'like' button but I am still seeing it.

As the old saying goes, word of mouth is the best form of advertising, well Facebook works the same, you simply click the 'share' or 'Invite your friends' button with your Facebook family and friends, instantly sharing your page ......and hey presto, it's too easy!

I was delighted when the Sunshine Coast Daily Newspaper contacted me last week asking to write an article on Facebook and mums in business.........of course I said yes and what great free advertising for 
Fun and Funky Sand Art  too!!!!  

I've shared the article below, I know I am biased but what a gorgeous pic of my five year old son Josh!


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

It's GIVEAWAY time..... have a kids party on us!


Win  Win   Win   Win   Win   Win   Win   Win

We're celebrating on reaching 4000 likers on our Facebook page, so we would love to celebrate with you by giving you the opportunity to win! 

We are offering one lucky person the opportunity to win in this 




  THE PRIZE.......

A Fun and Funky Sand Art Party for 12 children!

Yes that's right....

Choose from either prize A or prize B;

Prize A. 

A Hosted craft bottle party on the Sunshine Coast (30 klm radius of Nambour 4560) for upto 12 children! 

Yes we will come to your venue, set up, host the activity and then clear up after! 
The children will have lots of fun filling their own fun faced sand art bottle with coloured sands (one per child), choosing which colour hair, eyes and nose and then transforming their own bottle on the funky craft table into whatever there imaginations allow; aliens, fairies, animals are just some examples!
It's a perfect fun craft activity for birthday parties and chidrens events, suitable for both boys and girls, ages 3 years and up. 


Prize B.

A postal 'Do it yourself kit' for 12 children!

The winner can choose which bottle type, from either our plastic fun faced bottle or our shaped bottle designs, the kit includes full instruction how to guide, 12 plastic bottles, 12 coloured sands supplied in plastic bags, 12 spoons and 6 funnels, 12 craft hair, eyes and nose if choosing the fun faced bottles, we will even pay for the postage! *  conditions apply
Great for birthday parties, sleepover parties or family get togethers!
* Free postage only applies to Australia and New Zealand residents, all other Countries shipping fees will apply.

***** To Enter *****


Simply enter via the RAFFLECOPTER below


The giveaway commences NOW (Thursday 26th April 2012) and concludes on Saturday 12th May 12.01am EST). The winner will be drawn at random and announced within 24 hours from the close of the giveaway.  

To enter  you must enter your name via the Rafflecopter, you must 'like' our  Facebook page 'Fun and Funky Sand Art' and leave us a comment on our Facebook page wall why you would love to have a Fun and Funky Sand Art Party, you must do this for your entry to be valid, if you are already a liker of our page that's great thank you, but you must still go to our page and write a comment/post on our wall and enter your name on the Rafflecopter to go into the Giveaway.
This Giveaway is open to everyone, however FREE postage for the 'Do it yourself kit' is only included for Australian and New Zealand residents, all other Countries shipping is not included with the prize and shipping fees will apply, on entering this giveaway you agree to comply with these terms and conditions.

Hosted parties are only for the Sunshine Coast region, Queenlsand, Australia and within a 30 klm radius of Nambour 4560, outside of this area then the 'Do it yourself' postage kit will apply.

How else can you win??  Simply share or tweet the giveaway for more chances!

Good luck to you all!

  Click 'read more' to see Rafflecopter

Monday, 16 April 2012

Unity Wedding Ceremony & Naming Ceremony

Are you getting married or having a naming ceremony? 

Have you ever thought about incorporating a Unity Sand Ceremony at your wedding or naming ceremony.  This is a lovely way to incorporate family members especially children from a previous/current relationship into your ceremony and its also a great keepsake of your day.


The Unity Sand Ceremony

The Unity Sand Ceremony is a novel alternative for the popular "unity candle ceremony" incorporated into many of today's weddings. The essence is to symbolize the union of "two into one". This sand version is not only beautiful and interesting but also more appropriate for an outdoor setting and if you have other members of the family you wish to incorporate ie; children. The ceremony is also an opportunity to recognize those specific individuals who have played an instrumental role in the couple’s lives. The sand ceremony can be personalized in many different ways to fit the occasion. The ceremony usually takes place whilst exchanging the couple’s vows.

After the Unity Sand Ceremony, the couple has a unique keepsake to remember their wedding day.

Sand ceremonies can also be used for a naming ceremony.

The Meaning of the Unity Sand Ceremony


The flowing sand and blending of the colours in the Unity Sand Ceremony symbolize the bringing together of two lives into one. The two sands symbolize everything that the bride and groom have been or will become in the future.
The blending of the sand represents the union not only of them but their friends and families as well. The separate sands once poured into the unity vase can never be put back into their separate vases. They are forever entwined just as the lives and loves of the bride and groom.
Some couples prefer to leave a small amount of sand in their respective container to show that even though they now function as one, they remain individuals.

There are no set rules for the ceremony, you can adapt it to suit your own needs, one couple who purchased sands from us had every guest at their wedding pour in a small amount of sand into a glass container, they chose lots of different colours, other couples have left room at the top of the container to add their honeymoon sand and even a sand colour for future children. 


There are many Unity wedding sand glass containers on the market, some can be very pricey, however if you are on a budget, many of the cheaper shops these days have lovely glass vases and containers and lots of wine and liqueurs have fancy bottles with caps too that you could use.  Make a paper funnel for small brimmed bottle tops using your wedding stationery or choose a colour to match your theme.


Wedding Vow Example

(Groom) and (Bride), you have just sealed your relationship by the giving and receiving of rings and this covenant is a relationship pledge between two people who agree that they will commit themselves to one another throughout their lives. The most beautiful example of this partnership is the marriage relationship.
You have committed here today to share the rest of your lives with each other. Today, this relationship is symbolized through the pouring of these two containers of sand. One represents you (Groom), all that you were, all that you are, and all that you will ever be. The other, representing you (Bride), and all that you were, all that you are, and all that you will ever be. As these two containers of sand are poured into the third container, the individual containers of sand will no longer exist, but will be joined together as one. Just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the individual containers, so will your marriage be.

For children:
“(Children’s name/s) your mother (and/or father) and (name) love you very much, and want you to know that you are and will always be a very important part of their lives. Will you please pour some sand into this glass container along with your good wishes? That would mean so much to them." (Parents then hug and kiss their children!)

The meaning of Colours and what they symbolise
Blue is a popular colour that represents both sea and sky.
  • Faith
  • Wisdom
  • Loyalty
  • Truth
  • Heaven
  • Trust
  • Friendship
Another popular colour, red is an intense and warm colour.
  • Romance
  • Love
  • Passion
  • Fire
  • Blood
  • Sensitivity
  • Sexuality
Yellow, the colour of the sun and the thing that so many people love – sunshine.
  • Happiness
  • Joy
  • Energy
  • Intellect
  • Creativity
  • Freshness
Orange is a combination of both yellow and red and therefore incorporates the passion and energy of red with the happiness and joy of yellow.
  • Adventure
  • Creativity
  • Excitement
  • Desire
  • Sexual Passion
  • Pleasure
  • Wisdom
  • Wealth
Green is the colour of nature and is a colour we see all the time – whether at the office or outside.
  • Growth
  • Harmony
  • Fertility & Vitality
  • Stability
  • Endurance
  • Hope
  • Healing & Balance
  • Peace
A common colour of a Brides’s wedding dress.
  • Purity
  • Truth
  • Innocence
  • Protection
  • Healing
  • Cleanliness
Black is a very strong colour and can have negative or positive symbolisms.
  • Despair
  • Elegance
  • Power
  • Formality
  • Sadness/mourning
Purple is a combination of blue and red and is typically associated with royalty.
  • Luxury
  • Ambition
  • Wisdom
  • Dignity
  • Creativity
  • Magic
  • Power
Pink is typically a colour associated with women
  • Appreciation and gratitude
  • Happiness
  • Admiration
  • Unconditional Love
  • Friendships
  • Compassion and Harmony
Brown is the colour of the earth.
  • Friendship
  • Homeliness
  • Concentration
  • Courage
  • Energy

Coloured Sand is ideal for use in wedding unity sand ceremonies, naming ceremonies, candle and table decor

We can supply coloured sands. All of our sands are non-toxic and supplied in sealed plastic bags.

Price List    for each individual sand colour, does not include postage please advise on your postcode and quantity required for a free shipping quote. Are you local to the Sunshine Coast? then please feel free to arrange an appointment to view our colours.

125ml  /  ½ cup                                   $3.00
250ml /  1 cup                                     $5.00
750ml/ 1kg/ approx 2 ½ cups              $9.00

Colours available:

Natural white                                    
Mixed Rainbow
Pale pink                                           
Dark pink                                                            
Pale green                  
Pale blue                   
Bright blue                 
Bright orange
Pale orange
Bright green
Red  (not a bright striking red colour)

We can also add  glitter to your sand colour to give some sparkle!

We are happy to colour match for you if you have a specific colour theme.

Please note: When purchasing your coloured sands we recommend you buy your entire required amount at the same time to ensure colour match.

Email: or telephone 0466 533 233 for orders.

Please see our other blog post on Unity Wedding Sand bottle Kits which are available to purchase

Website .

Gift packs - looking for a kids present for under $10.00?

How many kids presents do you have to buy for in a year? From the school friends kids party to nieces, nephews and your own kids, birthdays, Easter and Christmas you will be surprised at just how many there are..... with the ever increasing costs of living we find ourselves looking for the ideal children's gift within a $10.00 budget and at the same time we don't want to appear to look cheap or like we haven't given any thought!

The Fun and Funky Sand Art gift pack makes a great present and they won't break the bank either...... they are the ideal craft present, not only do the kids have fun filling the sand bottle with different coloured sands they take personal pride and accomplishment with the finished product.

No two sand bottles are ever the same! 




Priced at just $9.50 each  

an affordable gift for under $10.00.


Please see our new Ultimate gift pack too priced at $20.00!




Great to give away after they have been filled with sands; as they make cute presents to give on Mothers day or even attach a get well message on, they are bound to put a smile upon the recipients face.


Available for both our fun faced bottle and shaped bottles price $9.50 each.


The Fun Faced bottle gift pack includes:


  • One large plastic sand bottle with screw on cap.

  • Craft hair - pre-glued to cap for easy application.

  • 1 pair of craft eyes and pom pom nose.

  • 10 coloured sands.

  • 1 paper funnel.

  • 1 spoon.

  • 1 full instruction how to guide.

    Please note craft glue is required for the eyes and nose.


Presented in a sealed plastic bag, size approx A4.

Shaped bottles available

Please note: Shaped bottles do not contain craft hair, eyes or nose.

Plastic shaped bottles available: Dinosaur, dolphin, Santa, seahorse or pony.


Gift packs are suitable for both boys and girls, we recommend from the ages 3 years and up as there are small craft parts enclosed.


To order please email at, please state which bottle you require fun faced or shaped, for fun faced bottles please choose from pom pom style hair or straight up hair, we have a range of colours available.

Please choose your choice of hair pom pom (fluffy) or straight up


We can deliver locally on the Sunshine Coast for all other areas please state your postcode for shipping quote along with bottle type.


***NEW for 2013***

The ultimate gift pack!  Price $20.00

This contains one small fun faced bottle, 1 shaped bottle and 1 sand art necklace! plus coloured sands, funnel, spoon and instruction how to guide! please state which shaped bottle you require when ordering.


Please contact us for more details

Craft table option great for parties and school vacation care programmes!

Kids Love Crafts!

One of our craft fun faced bottles.... the face says it all!

It doesn’t matter the age from toddler, prep to teenager, kids all love crafts!

Craft play is not only fun but it helps children develop many needed skills

Ø      Fine motor skills
Ø      Hand eye co-ordination skills
Ø      Colour recognition
Ø      Learning how to follow instruction
Ø      Creative thinking skills
Ø      Decision-making

Craft activity can be age related but at the same time it should be challenging and fun to allow the child to explore and express their own independence and imagination.  Thinking what to create, decision making and making a choice to processing thoughts are all vital skills along with having fun but with out the stress.

 Fun and Funky Sand Art  'Craft bottle option'

When making a sand art bottle children fill a bottle with different coloured sands using a spoon and funnel to create fun and funky designs. With the craft table option we bring along an additional craft table which has an array of different crafts, incorporating all of the above skills.

Once the children have had fun by filling their own bottle with different coloured sands, they can then move over to the craft table where they can choose crafts from the craft table to decorate. We allow all ages the opportunity to have fun with their imaginations and transform their bottle into fun characters from pirates, fairies, aliens, animals and whatever their imaginations allow, the end result being that of personal accomplishment, pride and pleasure is in itself very rewarding, it always astonishes me with the same crafts supplied no two bottles are ever the same!  We use non toxic craft glue and some self adhesive crafts, we are also on hand with a glue gun where WE will glue any crafts such as feathers that require that little extra glueing!

The craft bottle option is available for both birthday parties, workshops and school vacation care (OSHC) programmes on the Sunshine Coast.  We can come to you taking the stress away.  We bring along our sand and craft tables, so there is no work for you and the best part is... we clean up after!  

Both boys and girls of all ages enjoy the craft table option, we recommend from the ages 3 years and up with some parent supervision and child dependent, some may need more assistance. In my experience children ages 5 years and up by this age have quite made up their own mind about how they wish to transform their bottle and need very little if none at all guidance!

How much does it cost!?  

We charge per bottle, our bottles are plastic with a screw on lid.

$10.50 per bottle - this includes us coming out and hosting, setting up, the sand bottle activity, all craft materials and of course clearing up after!   (Fun faced bottle option without craft table $8.50 per bottle).

Minimum of 10 children or 10 bottles.

A travel surcharge may apply outside 20 klm radius of Nambour.

We do require please about 6m x 6m space for the tables to allow room for the children to be able to walk around comfortably, a dry undercover area with access to a power point, if it is really windy we will also require a sheltered area such as garage so that the crafts do not blow away!
Recommended for ages 3 years and above due to small craft parts.

Thank you to Adori Studios Photograpy, Mooloolaba for sharing these beautiful pics taken at her daughters Fun and Funky Sand Art craft birthday party.

No need for lolly bags they get to take their own special creations home to remember their day!



Our Sand table holds 16 different coloured sands!  and the table is height adjustable so it is suitable for all ages!


Other craft bottles!

Imaginations run free! every bottle is different!


Having a kids birthday party?

Having a kids birthday party? 

Birthday parties these days are really quite something, and so too can their price tag along with the added stress. Are you looking for something affordable, fun and stress free?


Then why not have a Fun and Funky Sand Art birthday party! affordable fun for everyone. Not only is it a great way to celebrate and have some creative fun by filling the bottles with different coloured sands your guests will have a personal keepsake of your special day to take home and remember!. No need for party bags!


Sandart bottles are a fun and easy activity for your child's party, a great idea for rainbow themed parties and check out our shaped sand bottles too!


We have two options;


Sunshine Coast Region - hosted parties and do it yourself kits.


Outside of the Sunshine Coast - Postal do it yourself kits.

Sunshine Coast Region

We will come to your party or event and entertain your guests in the comfort of your own home or venue. No minimum age limits, although recommended for children aged 3 years and upwards, we can tailor the party to suit your needs.

Want to host the party yourself or live outside of the Sunshine Coast? No problem we can provide you with all the materials you need for your Fun and Funky Sand Art bottles Party At Home do it yourself kit please see further down  for more details.

Sunshine Coast Hosted party

What is included?

The fun faced bottle - bottle shape 1.
  • free birthday invitations sent to you prior to your party so you can invite your guests.
  • Empty bottle shape 1 (plastic with screw cap).
  • A range of different coloured sands to fill your bottles along with table set up and all equipment supplied.
  • Fun Faced Bottles...Optional free finishing touch choose from a selection of brightly coloured hair, eyes and nose to create a fun face, we do the rest and the children love this! or leave them plain.
  • A member of the Fun and Funky Sand Art team are on site to set up, assist your guests whilst doing the activity and clean up!

Booking requirements:

  • Minimum of ten guests
  • A $30 deposit payable by bank deposit, Paypal or money order.
  • A minimum of 7 days cancellation notice is required please, or the deposit is non-refundable, unless the party is re-scheduled for another date.
Please Note: We ask that in the event of bad weather you have a dry undercover area such as patio or garage that we could set up the sand table in, as the sand cannot get wet, thank you. We also require access to an electrical socket please.

Price per bottle $8.50. 


A travel surcharge may apply for outside 30 klm radius of Nambour.

ADD THE CRAFT TABLE OPTION, PRICE $10.50 each bottle, please see blog post titled 'Craft table option ideal for birthday parties and school vacation care'.


Located outside of the Sunshine Coast Region? 

Want to host the party yourself or live outside of the Sunshine Coast? No problem we can provide you with all the materials you need for your Fun and Funky Sand Art bottles Party At Home Kit.  

We have a choice of either our Fun Faced bottle or our shaped bottle designs.


What is included in the Fun faced bottle at home kit?


Kit is supplied loosely and includes:


  • Free birthday invitations – (please advise if required at time of ordering).
  • Plastic bottles with screw cap lid, you tell us how many bottles you require.
  • Pom pom style hair – mixed colours, one per bottle; (as per photo).
  • Pom pom nose – mixed colour & sizes, one per bottle.
  • Joggle eyes – mixed colour & sizes, one pair per bottle.
  • Funnels  (1 per 3 bottles)
  • Plastic spoons for sand.
  • Instruction how to guide
  • Non-toxic Colored sands - You will be supplied with one colour of sand per bottle ordered:          For example 8 bottles, 8 colours up to a maximum of  16 colours. Sands are supplied in sealed plastic bags for easier shipment, if specific colours are required please advise.

Minimum order required 5 bottles.   
(If you just require one bottle we recommend our individual gift packs priced at just $9.50 each... these make great birthday presents too!)

Price per bottle $7.00 plus postage.  

Flat rate shipping fees apply. For a free shipping quote please email us at and state which bottle and quantity required, we can deliver locally on the Sunshine Coast for free.

At home kit - pom pom style hair.

Please note: the at home kit is not supplied with glue.  We recommend a hot glue gun for the hair, please advise at time of ordering, we can pre-glue this onto the caps for you at no extra charge, a hot glue gun is easier for the noses too!  (All dollar shops sell glue guns for under $10.00).    

 Shaped bottles great for themed parties!

We have dolphin, shark, dinosaur, seahorse & zebra/pony and for Christmas we have a cute Santa bottle too!!




What is included in the shaped bottle at home kit?


Kit is supplied loosely and includes:


  • Plastic Shaped bottle of your choice, you tell us how many bottles you require.
  • Plastic push in stopper, one per bottle.
  • Funnels  (1 per 3 bottles).
  • Plastic Spoons for sand.
  • Instruction how to guide.
  • Colored sands - You will be supplied with one colour of sand per bottle ordered: For example 8 bottles, 8 colours up to a maximum of 16 colours. Sands are supplied in sealed plastic bags for easier shipment, if specific colours are required please advise at time of ordering.

Minimum order required 5 bottles.


Price per bottle $7.00 each.

Plus postage, flat rate shipping fees apply, please let us know which bottle type and quantity your require for free shipping quote. We can deliver locally on the Sunshine Coast for free.


If you would like to place an order please email us at

Important Safety notice: Some crafts are not recommended for children under the age of 3, due to small parts and choking hazard please take this into consideration when choosing your bottle for your event, thank you. The bottle can be left plain if desired for mixed age groups and we recommend keeping the bottle on a top shelf out of reach for young children.


Connect with us

 If you have any queries please contact us!


All enquiries and bookings -

Mob : Jayne on 0466 533 233

Postal Address :
PO BOX 4724,
Sunshine Coast MC
Qld, 4560

Networking :

Follow us on Twitter & Facebook


Fun and Funky on Facebook 

Fun and Funky on



Please 'Like us' and share and connect us with your family & friends!

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Welcome to our first ever blog entry!

Having recently turned 40 they say life begins so here goes.......... "Fun and Funky Sand Art" who are we?

Based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia "where's that" I hear you say well it is about an hour up the coast from Brisbane, Queensland. We are a business providing sand art bottles for kids parties and events. Children and adults using a funnel and spoon select coloured sands and pour them into a plastic bottle creating fun and funky designs - no two bottles are ever the same!

Established in 2009 by my good self a stay at home mum looking for something to do, to bring in some pocket money and which would enable me to work around my toddler son, keep my mind occupied and give me some adult time away from Thomas the Tank Engine and The Wiggles!  ..... what started off as a small craft idea has now grown into a proper little business! and "No!" we 'Fun and Funky Sand Art' are not a franchise as I often get asked, there is only one Fun and Funky Sand Art that's not to say we haven't had franchise/business offers, as flattering as it is I am happy just the way we are!

My son with his first ever bottle!

I was inspired by my young son when I started looking for party ideas for him and realised that I was about to have to take out a second mortgage just to host an hours birthday party! and as such I have kept prices to a minimum at just $8.50 each bottle including us attending and hosting your event! or $10.50 for the craft party option,  $7.00 for the at home party kits. I will blog later more about our parties and packages!

The first year I only hosted parties and supplied the Sunshine Coast, I attended day care centres, markets anything to get our name out there!  being a work at home mum.... my budget was small, I launched our website but could not afford any other advertising, so leaflet dropping and relying on word of mouth was the way to go, later on I discovered the wonderful social networking tools of both Facebook and Twitter and alas it has taken me a while but now we have a blog!

I soon realised by our second year, business was growing and I was turning down business outside of the Sunshine Coast so the 'at home postal kit' was introduced which enabled customers to purchase and host their own sand art bottle birthday parties Australia wide, this has now grown into 'do it yourself school vacation care kits' and 'fundraising kits' for schools and other organisations.

We regularly now attend many events, birthday parties, school vacation care and fetes on the Sunshine Coast providing entertainment for the kids and adults alike! and post our kits nation wide.

Our sand tables at the recent IGA Rhymes Festival, Brisbane.

Our range includes:
  • Our popular plastic fun faced bottle- once the children have filled up their sand bottle they can then choose from a range of brightly coloured hair, eyes and nose to create a fun face, available for at home kits and hosted parties and events on the Sunshine Coast.
  • Variety of shaped plastic bottles available for at home kits.
  • Individual gift packs make great affordable presents.
  • OSHC kits for school vacation care programmes.
  • Fundraising kits for school fetes and charity organisations.
  • Range of glass bottles for the older child or adult.
  • We can supply coloured sands for wedding unity ceremonies, naming ceremonies and table decor.

Our popular plastic fun faced bottles.

Using a spoon and funnel fill bottles to create fun and funky designs!

Some of our plastic shaped bottles - seahorse and pony.


Bottle shape 4 - one of our glass bottle range.







 We hope you enjoyed our first blog!


Stay tuned for future giveaways and competitions.