Monday, 16 April 2012

Gift packs - looking for a kids present for under $10.00?

How many kids presents do you have to buy for in a year? From the school friends kids party to nieces, nephews and your own kids, birthdays, Easter and Christmas you will be surprised at just how many there are..... with the ever increasing costs of living we find ourselves looking for the ideal children's gift within a $10.00 budget and at the same time we don't want to appear to look cheap or like we haven't given any thought!

The Fun and Funky Sand Art gift pack makes a great present and they won't break the bank either...... they are the ideal craft present, not only do the kids have fun filling the sand bottle with different coloured sands they take personal pride and accomplishment with the finished product.

No two sand bottles are ever the same! 




Priced at just $9.50 each  

an affordable gift for under $10.00.


Please see our new Ultimate gift pack too priced at $20.00!




Great to give away after they have been filled with sands; as they make cute presents to give on Mothers day or even attach a get well message on, they are bound to put a smile upon the recipients face.


Available for both our fun faced bottle and shaped bottles price $9.50 each.


The Fun Faced bottle gift pack includes:


  • One large plastic sand bottle with screw on cap.

  • Craft hair - pre-glued to cap for easy application.

  • 1 pair of craft eyes and pom pom nose.

  • 10 coloured sands.

  • 1 paper funnel.

  • 1 spoon.

  • 1 full instruction how to guide.

    Please note craft glue is required for the eyes and nose.


Presented in a sealed plastic bag, size approx A4.

Shaped bottles available

Please note: Shaped bottles do not contain craft hair, eyes or nose.

Plastic shaped bottles available: Dinosaur, dolphin, Santa, seahorse or pony.


Gift packs are suitable for both boys and girls, we recommend from the ages 3 years and up as there are small craft parts enclosed.


To order please email at, please state which bottle you require fun faced or shaped, for fun faced bottles please choose from pom pom style hair or straight up hair, we have a range of colours available.

Please choose your choice of hair pom pom (fluffy) or straight up


We can deliver locally on the Sunshine Coast for all other areas please state your postcode for shipping quote along with bottle type.


***NEW for 2013***

The ultimate gift pack!  Price $20.00

This contains one small fun faced bottle, 1 shaped bottle and 1 sand art necklace! plus coloured sands, funnel, spoon and instruction how to guide! please state which shaped bottle you require when ordering.


Please contact us for more details

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  1. We have purchased these to give away for presents at Christmas and birthdays original and very good price!