Monday, 16 April 2012

Craft table option great for parties and school vacation care programmes!

Kids Love Crafts!

One of our craft fun faced bottles.... the face says it all!

It doesn’t matter the age from toddler, prep to teenager, kids all love crafts!

Craft play is not only fun but it helps children develop many needed skills

Ø      Fine motor skills
Ø      Hand eye co-ordination skills
Ø      Colour recognition
Ø      Learning how to follow instruction
Ø      Creative thinking skills
Ø      Decision-making

Craft activity can be age related but at the same time it should be challenging and fun to allow the child to explore and express their own independence and imagination.  Thinking what to create, decision making and making a choice to processing thoughts are all vital skills along with having fun but with out the stress.

 Fun and Funky Sand Art  'Craft bottle option'

When making a sand art bottle children fill a bottle with different coloured sands using a spoon and funnel to create fun and funky designs. With the craft table option we bring along an additional craft table which has an array of different crafts, incorporating all of the above skills.

Once the children have had fun by filling their own bottle with different coloured sands, they can then move over to the craft table where they can choose crafts from the craft table to decorate. We allow all ages the opportunity to have fun with their imaginations and transform their bottle into fun characters from pirates, fairies, aliens, animals and whatever their imaginations allow, the end result being that of personal accomplishment, pride and pleasure is in itself very rewarding, it always astonishes me with the same crafts supplied no two bottles are ever the same!  We use non toxic craft glue and some self adhesive crafts, we are also on hand with a glue gun where WE will glue any crafts such as feathers that require that little extra glueing!

The craft bottle option is available for both birthday parties, workshops and school vacation care (OSHC) programmes on the Sunshine Coast.  We can come to you taking the stress away.  We bring along our sand and craft tables, so there is no work for you and the best part is... we clean up after!  

Both boys and girls of all ages enjoy the craft table option, we recommend from the ages 3 years and up with some parent supervision and child dependent, some may need more assistance. In my experience children ages 5 years and up by this age have quite made up their own mind about how they wish to transform their bottle and need very little if none at all guidance!

How much does it cost!?  

We charge per bottle, our bottles are plastic with a screw on lid.

$10.50 per bottle - this includes us coming out and hosting, setting up, the sand bottle activity, all craft materials and of course clearing up after!   (Fun faced bottle option without craft table $8.50 per bottle).

Minimum of 10 children or 10 bottles.

A travel surcharge may apply outside 20 klm radius of Nambour.

We do require please about 6m x 6m space for the tables to allow room for the children to be able to walk around comfortably, a dry undercover area with access to a power point, if it is really windy we will also require a sheltered area such as garage so that the crafts do not blow away!
Recommended for ages 3 years and above due to small craft parts.

Thank you to Adori Studios Photograpy, Mooloolaba for sharing these beautiful pics taken at her daughters Fun and Funky Sand Art craft birthday party.

No need for lolly bags they get to take their own special creations home to remember their day!



Our Sand table holds 16 different coloured sands!  and the table is height adjustable so it is suitable for all ages!


Other craft bottles!

Imaginations run free! every bottle is different!


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  1. We had a birthday party for my son, lovely party, the host Jane was very pleasant and the kids all had alot of fun making their bottles and then decorating them at the craft table, plus it was very affordable for me!, yes would recommend, even I got to make one and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have also purchased numerous gift packs to give away as presents again a very affordable gift idea.