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Welcome to our first ever blog entry!

Having recently turned 40 they say life begins so here goes.......... "Fun and Funky Sand Art" who are we?

Based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia "where's that" I hear you say well it is about an hour up the coast from Brisbane, Queensland. We are a business providing sand art bottles for kids parties and events. Children and adults using a funnel and spoon select coloured sands and pour them into a plastic bottle creating fun and funky designs - no two bottles are ever the same!

Established in 2009 by my good self a stay at home mum looking for something to do, to bring in some pocket money and which would enable me to work around my toddler son, keep my mind occupied and give me some adult time away from Thomas the Tank Engine and The Wiggles!  ..... what started off as a small craft idea has now grown into a proper little business! and "No!" we 'Fun and Funky Sand Art' are not a franchise as I often get asked, there is only one Fun and Funky Sand Art that's not to say we haven't had franchise/business offers, as flattering as it is I am happy just the way we are!

My son with his first ever bottle!

I was inspired by my young son when I started looking for party ideas for him and realised that I was about to have to take out a second mortgage just to host an hours birthday party! and as such I have kept prices to a minimum at just $8.50 each bottle including us attending and hosting your event! or $10.50 for the craft party option,  $7.00 for the at home party kits. I will blog later more about our parties and packages!

The first year I only hosted parties and supplied the Sunshine Coast, I attended day care centres, markets anything to get our name out there!  being a work at home mum.... my budget was small, I launched our website but could not afford any other advertising, so leaflet dropping and relying on word of mouth was the way to go, later on I discovered the wonderful social networking tools of both Facebook and Twitter and alas it has taken me a while but now we have a blog!

I soon realised by our second year, business was growing and I was turning down business outside of the Sunshine Coast so the 'at home postal kit' was introduced which enabled customers to purchase and host their own sand art bottle birthday parties Australia wide, this has now grown into 'do it yourself school vacation care kits' and 'fundraising kits' for schools and other organisations.

We regularly now attend many events, birthday parties, school vacation care and fetes on the Sunshine Coast providing entertainment for the kids and adults alike! and post our kits nation wide.

Our sand tables at the recent IGA Rhymes Festival, Brisbane.

Our range includes:
  • Our popular plastic fun faced bottle- once the children have filled up their sand bottle they can then choose from a range of brightly coloured hair, eyes and nose to create a fun face, available for at home kits and hosted parties and events on the Sunshine Coast.
  • Variety of shaped plastic bottles available for at home kits.
  • Individual gift packs make great affordable presents.
  • OSHC kits for school vacation care programmes.
  • Fundraising kits for school fetes and charity organisations.
  • Range of glass bottles for the older child or adult.
  • We can supply coloured sands for wedding unity ceremonies, naming ceremonies and table decor.

Our popular plastic fun faced bottles.

Using a spoon and funnel fill bottles to create fun and funky designs!

Some of our plastic shaped bottles - seahorse and pony.


Bottle shape 4 - one of our glass bottle range.







 We hope you enjoyed our first blog!


Stay tuned for future giveaways and competitions.

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